Current Talk Series

Unfolding Vision: Embrace, Equip, Bless The City.

In this longer series – we ask a simple question – If we believe in a God who has been here before us and will be here after us, what will we do with our time?

We are a community church in London with a simple vision – to live up to our name and bless the city.

Whether it’s our patch in West London; the coffee shops, toddler groups, schools and colleges. Or the workplaces we make journeys to, we want to bless the city.

We encourage you to embrace love, a love so beautifully shown to us through the person of Jesus. We seek to equip each other for Christian life in the 21st Century, to be the best we can be everyday and to bless the city.

This series is structured in three stages – building on each other. We will be focussing on:
1. Embracing God
2. Equipping the Saints
3. Blessing the City

We’d love you to join on this fantastic journey exploring what it means to BLESS THE CITY.



Sunday 3rd – EMBRACE GOD – Col 2:6-7 – Jesus is Lord
Sunday 10th – EMBRACE GOD – Psm 46 – Stillness/Intimacy
Sunday 17th – EMBRACE GOD – Rev 6 – Facedown Worship (All Age Service)
Sunday 24th – EMBRACE GOD – GUEST SPEAKER’S: Ruth and Andrew Odhiambo from Pioneer, Kenya.  (All Age Service)


Sunday 3rd – EMBRACE GOD – GUEST SPEAKER: Caro Meers from Pioneer, Australia (All Age Service)
Sunday 10th – EQUIP THE SAINTS – Eph 4 – Gifts of the Church
Sunday 17th – EQUIP THE SAINTS – Eph 4 – Sitting, Walking & Standing
Sunday 24th – EQUIP THE SAINTS – Eph 4 – Growing in Faith
Sunday 31st – EQUIP THE SAINTS – Eph 4 – Generosity, Creativity & Authenticity


Sunday 7th – EQUIP THE SAINTS – Eph 4 – Temptation & Warfare (All Age Service)
Sunday 14th – EQUIP THE SAINTS – Palm Sunday (All Age Service)
Sunday 21st – EQUIP THE SAINTS – Easter Sunday (All Age Service)
Sunday 28th – BLESS THE CITY – Gen 1-3 & 12

MAY 2019

Sunday 5th – BLESS THE CITY – Jer 29 – Evangelism, Social Justice & the Poor
Sunday 12th – BLESS THE CITY – Daniel 7 Esther – Transformation of Culture
Sunday 19th – BLESS THE CITY – Matt 5 – Business, Education & Government
Sunday 26th – BLESS THE CITY – Revelation the City.